We  at www.wellnesscarezone.com respect the privacy of the user and hence, we have listed our privacy policy here to serve you better. We will tell you about the information sources and how we collect the data that make our website a trusted one.

The Information We Collect

We have been the best online website in this particular industry where a user can order a product, post review about the purchased product and also participate in various activities such as subscribing newsletters, voting, forum etc. We also receive the user information such as name, address, credit card details, Email address etc. In some cases, you may have to enter the personal details of any other person like his/her Email address, contact number or name. For example, if you wish to gift any product to your relative or friend and want to deliver the product at his/her address, in that case, we require the recipient details.

Moreover, only the registered users can access some activities and data related to their desired product. If any user directly makes contact with us, we first identify the authenticity of the user and then, entertain his/her query immediately. We only gather the soft user data such as which type of browser user is using and what kind of operating system he/she uses.

How We Use The Information?

The information or data our website uses is solely based on the user’s request. We prefer collecting the only information which can be used to communicate with the user. We entertain your request such as availing any service, posting a product review or purchasing any supplement as per your provided information. We the user subscribe our newsletter or avail any informative service, we use his/her contact information to provide upcoming news or latest offers direct to your email.

Apart from that, we have the right to disclose the data if there is any unlawful activity. The authorized legal agencies can request the user information from our website in an extreme case. Besides that, we prevent the unauthorized access to the user’s data from any third party site or other illegal websites.


Cookies can help to enhance the overall experience of the website. We accept cookies so that you can easily store your site preferences for a smooth website experience. These cookies don’t provide any personal data such as name, contact number, email etc. The only motive behind using cookies is to understand the users’ preferences so that we can improve it constantly.

Security Commitment

To protect users’ information from unauthorized access, we use varied processes to safeguard the data. We keep maintaining our security system to provide the appropriate information to the users.